Who are you?

For our full story check out “our first blog post” here. We are a Long Island start-up of health and fitness enthusiasts, professionals, engineers, and editors.

What is enhanceables?

enhanceables.com is the best place to find the most interesting and most enhancing stories and videos in health and fitness on the internet right now. We live on the web, mobile and a daily newsletter.

What is the enhance button?

The enhance button is how our community helps control what content gets featured on our homepage. Click the “enhance button” – and a positive vote will be casted to that piece of content. This feature gives our community the power to self rank the most enhanceable content. The goal is to ensure that only the most effective and beneficial content gets featured to our homepage.

Not sure if a piece of content is worth “enhancing” you can ask yourself these simple questions- did this piece of content make me better? did I learn something new? and is it worth sharing to the people that matter to me most?

How do I sign up for enhanceables?

You can sign up here by creating an account using your Facebook, Twitter or Google credentials or just by providing your email address.

How do you get your content featured on the homepage?

Our editors although very nice are like an editorial force field protecting the enhanceable community. Before our community of enhancers even get to see posted content, our editors filter out the awesome content from the gosh awful. Please ensure your posted content is up to snuff before you submit it to our editors by checking out our guidelines here.