Do you feel old?

Are your aches and pains getting in the way of your active lifestyle?

Do you want to become your strongest, most robust and functional self yet?


Age should only be a number, not an excuse. And with the correct content, products and training programs you can enhance nagging injuries, performance and total function (despite your age).

Tailored to address the “neglected generation” (Gen X, currently 34-49 years old) enhanceables.com is addressing the needs of the aging active enthusiast.

If you seek to optimize your body- restore function, prevent injury and enhance performance,  listen close. I founded enhanceables.com because the market of the aging active professional is being under served. As a former college athlete and strength and conditioning coach who specializes in training the active, result driven professional I was shocked to see no one servicing this population.

We are excited at enhanceables because we see an opportunity to connect better information and products to a population truly in need.  


Enhance your body,

Andrew Laux, Founder


Meet the Team

We are extremely lucky...

Andrew Laux
Founder of enhanceables.com
Jessica Milazzo
Editor at enhanceables.com
Jeff Leventhal
Advisor of enhanceables.com
George Coll
Advisor of enhanceables.com

Homemade in Long Island, NY

We are proud to be apart of the start-up community in Long Island...