enhanceables was founded with a bold spirit and one lofty objective: to make useful health and fitness content easier to find.

Media affects our lives everyday, so why not use it to make the world a better place. Deep down at enhanceables we believe if you give people better information they will make better decisions. This is why enhanceables.com curates the best articles, videos and ideas in health and fitness so you don’t have to. No more frustrating google marathons, no more wasting time scanning through useless articles and videos and certainly no more biased and egotistical opinions.

We believe in challenging conventional wisdom, providing both sides of the story and only creating relationships with companies and influencers that align with our enhanceable way.


enhanceables does all the hard lifting for you by curating and organizing the most important and useful health and fitness content on the web today.

We do curation: developing solutions to make life easier and better. enhanceables.com provides the most relevant and enhancing content to thousands of health and fitness enthusiasts and professionals. Using savvy technology, smart editors and an awesome community we cut through the clutter of the Internet and make sense of the mess. enhanceables.com has everything you’ll ever want to see without ever looking anywhere else; we call it the homepage of health and fitness.

Meet the Team

We are extremely lucky...

Andrew Laux
Founder of enhanceables.com
Jessica Milazzo
Editor at enhanceables.com
Jeff Leventhal
Advisor of enhanceables.com
George Coll
Advisor of enhanceables.com

Homemade in Long Island, NY

We are proud to be apart of the start-up community in Long Island...